Welcome Back Old Friend

I woke up this morning to an unexpected surprise...light spotting.

I showered, got ready for work, and threw on a panty liner thinking the spotting was just leftover from my surgery on the 12th. I got to work and started having cramps and back pain. TMI Warning - I went to the bathroom and it was a war zone, clots and all!

So I did what I normally do, freak out and call the Doctor.

Now, when I call the Doctor's office I usually get the answering machine. Sometimes I get to speak to a person right away, but usually not. This was one of those answering machine days. My message went like this...

Good morning, it's Jen. I had surgery two weeks ago and everything felt back to normal until today. I'm currently experiencing heavy bleeding and major clots. Is this normal? Is this from the surgery? Is this my period? The last time I had my period was March 2013 so I don't even remember what my periods were like. 
Sorry I'm rambling, please call me back, I'm freaking out over here. Thank you. 

I'm sure my message was even longer, these are just some of the lines I remember. If you haven't realized yet, I'm THAT patient! I got a call back two hours later from the sweetest nurse. Her first line...

Hi Jen, please don't freak out, this is totally normal. I can understand your concern. 

Did I mention I love my Doctor and his staff.

The nurse continued to tell me this was in fact my long lost period and that it would be a rough one. She said to expect a lot of pain, cramping, bleeding, and many clots. She also mentioned that it was common for women with PCOS to have a period after the surgery, but not to get my hopes up for another one. I don't technically need a period to start my next round of medication, so I'm ok with that.

Currently I've gone through 11 maxi pads and I'm in a lot of pain, but for once I'm happy about it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but for the first time ever I'm excited to get my period. It's been 17 months since I've had a real period. 17 months of NOT feeling like a woman. I guess my letter worked, In Pursuit of a Period.

Looking forward to my follow-up appointment next week.