In Pursuit Of A Period

Dear Period,

I miss you very much. 
Please return every 28 days.


P.S. Once you return I would really like to have a baby, so I'm going 
to need you to disappear again for 9 months. am I.

P.P.S The tampons miss you too.

I miss you

This week officially marks 9 weeks after my D&C surgery and I am still in hot pursuit of a period. It feels strange wanting a period so bad, almost unnatural. I'm pretty positive most women don't want their period. Especially the other women out there trying so hard to become pregnant. 

I've taken a huge step this week and I'm very happy about it! I called my Doctor and set up an appointment for next week. She calmly explained to me over the phone that it may take longer for my body to go back to "normal." I'm going in for blood work and an ultrasound, but her final recommendation was to wait. I think if I'm told one more time to JUST WAIT, I'm going to remove that word from the English language!

What was my huge step you may ask? Well I called and set up an initial appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist, or RE for short. Our appointment is in two weeks and I couldn't be happier. I feel like for the first time I'm making a positive step in the right direction. I love my OBGYN, but I feel like her job is to provide annual checkups and take care of me once I'm pregnant. Her job isn't to get me pregnant or to figure out what's wrong with my body. I think that's the part I was struggling with for so long. I'm finally ready to let go and have the RE take over. 
PMS Chocolate Bar
Fingers crossed this PMS chocolate brings on the real thing, thanks Rachael