Missed Due Date

I woke up this morning and instantly picked a fight with Tony over the stupidest little thing. I know he did nothing wrong, my anger and frustration was just misplaced.

Today is September 1st. 

Today is the day I've been dreading for the past 9 months. Our original due date is here and I don't know how to handle my emotions. Right now I should be holding my angel baby and instead my arms are empty, the house is quiet, and a piece of my heart is missing.

I'm not going to lie, time has healed some of my wounds, however I don't think I'll ever forget. Some days I think about everything that has happened and play the "what if?" game. Other days I'm so wrapped up in my life it doesn't cross my mind.

Some say the struggle is part of the story, well I sure hope my story has a happy ending.