IVF Stims: Day 4

Well I knew 75 menopur was too good to be true. No follies were even worth measuring today and my lining was still at 2. So now I'm doubling menopur to 150 and keeping 225 follistim. I go back Friday to hopefully see some growth and discuss what to do about my thin lining. 

Oh, even though no follies are growing yet, the lovely bloating has definitely started. I have my black leggings and oversized sweater already laid out for tomorrow's OOTD.

Now I knew my meds would probably need to be increased and I explained this to Tony, however as our finance guy, placing another order with the pharmacy is really throwing him off. We're 100% out of pocket and are both on the same page as far as spending part of our savings on IVF. Where we differ is I would probably mortgage the house whereas he would just wait another year to save up more money. In his mind, the box of meds we purchased should have covered this entire process, so I see why he's so frustrated. 

In the end we're both willing to do whatever it takes to have our family. Every little road bump is just making us and our relationship stronger. He will always be concerned over our finances and my spending habits (thanks a lot Target), but at the end of the day I know he's only doing what's best for our future. 

Until Friday...