My Timeline for Healing: Ectopic Pregnancy

I can't believe it's already been a week since we found out about our ectopic pregnancy. To be honest it still doesn't feel real. I know it's silly but I'm almost embarrassed I didn't know I was pregnant. Have you ever watched that show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? I always thought, how the hell could those girls NOT know and just give birth on the toilet one day. Seriously?!  

I had my follow-up appointment this afternoon and everything looks great. My beta is 26 so I have to wait another week and go back next Thursday to make sure it's at baseline (0) before starting birth control. 

Since I always google symptoms and how long it takes for others to heal after their surgery, I thought I would give you a little timeline of my own healing process (Major TMI Warning):

Surgery for ectopic pregnancy, removal of right tube. Incisions on my left and right side and one in my belly button...

Day 1 - Sore stomach, sore throat from breathing tube, trapped air in my stomach from laparoscopy, vaginal bleeding (red with some clots). 

Day 2 - Worst symptom is the pain from the trapped air moving it's way up to my shoulders. The best cure, walk then walk some more! Pain around my incisions feels worse and I'm also more bloated. Vaginal bleeding (red with some clots). 

Day 3 - Pain around the incisions feels much better. Still bloated and filled with air but walking a lot so less pressure on my shoulders and neck. I can finally stand up straight. Vaginal bleeding (red).

Day 4 - Bloating and trapped air pressure has gone down a lot. Incisions are sore only if I press on them or move around too much. Vaginal bleeding (minimum but still red). 

Day 5 - Back at work and feeling much better. Only bloated in my stomach. Incisions sore only if I touch them or my pants hit them..which happened a lot! Vaginal bleeding (minimum but still red).

Day 6 - Vaginal bleeding finally turning brown, but still using liners. Bloating almost completely gone. Now I can feel the stitches start to feel raised. 

Day 7 -  Vaginal bleeding off and on (brown spotting). Incisions still only sore if I touch them or move around and use my ab muscles too much. 

Day 8 - No more bleeding, yay! Incisions still the same. Waiting for the glue holding my belly button cut to fall out (gross). 

My OBGYN still wants to remove my left tube because she feels it's inflamed and could possibly cause (25%) another ectopic pregnancy. My RE thinks I should leave it in for now, but closely monitor during our next pregnancy. Obviously my vote is to keep my precious left tube. I do not want another surgery, however I also don't want another painful ectopic pregnancy. 

Thank you again to everyone who has reached out and given me your love and support. This was just another bump in the road but I know it will all be worth it when I'm holding my rainbow baby one day!