IVF Baseline Turns Into Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

I don't even know where to start with this one...

We went in yesterday morning for IVF baselines and to set our retrieval/transfer schedule. Now for the last two weeks I had been experiencing slight abdominal pain which started getting worse towards the beginning of the week. It felt like my stomach was filling up with air with sharp pains, however I just brushed it off since I have a high tolerance for pain. I started bleeding so I figured this was my long last period and actually got excited that my body was producing a period on it's own. 

Back to our appointment. I gave my usual blood sample and was laying down in the ultrasound room when I started getting nervous. The Doctor and nurse kept talking back and forth about this mass outside the uterus. It wasn't a cyst but they weren't sure what it was. They scheduled an MRI for later that day and sent me back to the waiting room. Five minutes later they had me come back and give a urine sample. I was confused, but whatever, I gave my sample and went back to sit down. That's when all hell broke loose. The urine pregnancy tests came back positive. Yes I said positive. I was in shock but the pain I was feeling was getting worse. They told us to head over to the ER right away and get a beta test and ultrasound.

Three hours later the emergency room Doctor concluded this was in fact an ectopic pregnancy and that I needed immediate surgery. This is not my first rodeo and I knew exactly what to expect from a laparoscopy so I guess that made things much easier. 

Where I stand now, they removed our ectopic pregnancy along with my right tube. What scares me and I wish I talked to the Doctor after surgery and not Tony, is that she said she MAY have to also remove my left tube. Tony was so frazzled from the day he really couldn't tell me any details. I have a followup appointment next week so hopefully I'll find out more then. Good news, with IVF you don't need your tubes. It just means you can never get pregnant naturally. And that means I can tell all those people who give me their "just relax and it will happen" advise to go shove it! 

Currently I'm in full recovery mode and distracting myself with lots of movies. Emotionally I'm not ready to explore how I'm feeling. I'll save that for when I'm off pain medication.