Waiting For Results

All my tests are complete:

  • Blood Test - Turned into 15 vials of blood. The usual results came back with high testosterone and no STDs. Hearing I don't have chlamydia never gets old, right?
  • 2 Hour Glucose Test - Passed by one point so I'll have to see what my RE thinks at our follow-up appointment. I didn't realize they took 2 vials every hour for this test, so at the end of the day I ended up giving 19 vials of blood...not fun.
  • HSG Test - Successful for the first time, showing no major blockages. However there was one little speck near the right ovary so I still have to do a sonohysterography to check it out, but it should be okay. 
  • MRI w/ Contrast - Completed today, results come back within 24 hours. Overall not too scary, I think the IV freaked me out more than anything. I could feel the contrast being injected in my body and started to fidget, but I think I held it together pretty well. The woman said the hardest part is keeping your eyes still so they can get a good reading since the pituitary gland is right behind your eyes. The loud noises were just that, LOUD! 
Another fun test I did for 2 weeks was going in every morning for daily blood work and ultrasounds so she could track my "cycle." I can't complain, at least she 

Next steps are to schedule a follow-up meeting, discuss the results of our tests and lay out a game plan. Suffice to say, I'm really excited to have a TTC plan!