First Date: Meeting Our New RE

Last April (Why Did We Wait So Long?) was the first time we saw a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). It was also the first time I finally received answers about my body and felt like I was on the right track to becoming a mother.

Fast forward one year...

Today we met our new RE and my head is still spinning. She listened to my whole story, read all 100+ pages of my medical records, took blood work, did a full exam and ultrasound.

Next Steps:

  • 12 Vial Blood Test - Needs to be updated, ugh!
  • 2 Hour Glucose Test - Before I was put on Metformin I should have done this test to see what my levels were. My last Doctor just put everyone with PCOS on Metformin...we'll call that mistake #1.
  • HSG Test - This will be the third time I walk in to have this test done. The first two times were a complete fail because of my 'ghost villi'. 
  • MRI - To check my pituitary gland. Here's where my head is spinning. I am NOT a Doctor, so I'm not 100% sure how this all works. Supposedly when you go through puberty, it sends a signal to your brain to start your cycle. This signal may have been shutoff by ten years on birth control. I'm almost hoping they find something on my MRI because then I'll have real answers and can start hormone therapy. I won't go into all the details as to why she thinks this may be my situation unless it really is and I can get/explain everything. 
  • Semen Analysis - Whew, finally one for Tony! 

More importantly, I really like everyone at the new office, especially my new RE. I'm feeling hopeful and ready to start TTC again. I may have my bad days, but in the end I'm not and never will give up hope.

My Advise:

If you're not getting answers, feel like your Doctor doesn't 100% care about you, or you feel like an experiment...PLEASE SEEK ANOTHER OPINION!

My gut told me something was wrong and to switch Doctors sooner, but I was just plain scared of change. Looking back, I regret all the time and money we wasted. I have many regrets in my life and this has become one of them. I take these regrets and lock them far away in my memory because dwelling on the past does nothing for my future. Today I was given a fresh start and I plan to make the most of it.

Motherhood Here I Come