CD12: IUI Cancelled

My ultrasound this morning showed one follie on the left at 18. This sounds good right? Well just lining was at 7 but dropped to 5. As for my blood work. Can I get a drum roll E2 was 52. That's a CD3 number and I'm on CD12! What?!

I'm so confused right now. My Doctor wants me to increase menopur again and come in tomorrow morning for yet another ultrasound and blood work. So basically he has no clue what's really going on and why my estrogen levels are all over the place. His first response is always to just increase my meds no matter what. 

From the start, this cycle has been unpredictable. I was never given any real answers. Telling me that I have PCOS and that's why my body is so screwed up is NOT the answer, sorry. I want to hear why this is happening and a solution to the problem. 

     Physically - I'm tired, bloated, sore from all the shots 
     Emotionally - I'm crushed, sad, confused, irritated  
     Mentally - I'm done

Next Steps:

  1. Cancel IUI
  2. Break up with my RE
  3. Put myself back together 
  4. Find a new RE 
  5. Start all over again