CD11: One Leading Follicle

This morning's ultrasound revealed one leading follie on the right side at 16. We're so close, I just hope this little guy can do the job. I was really hoping for more than one but there's not much I can do about that, so for now I'm remaining positive.

My lining is at 7. Not great but a whole lot better than it was earlier in this crazy cycle. We go back tomorrow morning to check and hopefully be ready for an IUI on Thursday.

Even though this cycle started out disastrous, I feel calmer this time around. I think our two month TTC break and going on vacation really helped. Plus I've been focusing on relaxation techniques and going for acupuncture.

And I HAD to include this picture because when I found it I couldn't stop laughing. Every time Tony gives me my shots he always lets me know how much money is being injected in me. I still can't believe how much this whole process cost and that we basically have to buy a family. One day it will all be worth it, but for now we laugh about it because the alternative isn't an option!