Stop Waiting For A Sign

I saw this the day after finding out about our BFN. I didn't buy it, but I should have. This sign should be hanging next to my bed so that every morning I wake up, I remember to STOP waiting for a sign and START living my life. I've put so many things on hold for the chance of "what if?"

After our last failed IUI round we decided to take a little break until the end of February. I'm not exactly sure what all these medications are doing to my body, but they can't be good, right? I need to give my mind and body a rest and reconnect with myself. I've definitely changed over the past year. I've become a stronger person, but I've also lost pieces of myself along the way.

Tony and I are finally taking a vacation after two years and I want to enjoy every minute of it..and have a drink or ten! So for now my main focus will be on myself and my relationships.

It's time to get selfish and copy my dear friend Rachael in the month(s) of me!