Pill Popper Confessional

Before my BFN I was taking 12 pills:
  • 1 prenatal
  • 3 metformin
  • 1 vitamin D
  • 2 cinnamon capsules
  • 1 vitamin C
  • 1 vitamin B12
  • 1 baby aspirin
  • 2 progesterone pills

On December 26th I stopped everything. The thought of taking yet another pill was more then I could handle after our failed IUI. For the next week and a half I didn't touch a single pill and it felt amazing! 

A week ago I walked by my pill cabinet and decided to take a look at what I've been missing. The first thing I saw was metformin, my most dreaded pill. It took me months to build up a tolerance to 1500 mg without visiting the bathroom all day. I know many of you know what I'm talking about! So why had I stopped taking it? I know I needed a break from TTC but would it be worth it?

That night I took my usual dose...however I'll spare you the gory details and just say that things haven't been easy. This is my stomach 85% of the time -

My gut (both literally and figuratively) is telling me to stop taking metformin. No I haven't discussed this with my Doctor yet, however I don't think it's doing anything for me. My Doctor said after 4 months metformin should bring back a monthly period. Well, I started taking it back in April 2014, 9 months ago, and I still haven't seen my period. 

Truthfully my next step is to reach out to Dr. Google THEN contact my RE. I want to read and understand everything there is to know about lean PCOS and the connection to metformin before I have a conversation with my Doctor. 

Suffice to say I'll start my mental break once I have my pill popping under control.