Moving Forward: Next Steps

Thanks to all my Instagram TTC Sisters, I was able to compile a list of questions and tests to ask my RE. Thank you ladies!

I walked out of yesterday's appointment feeling hopeful. My Doctor agreed to run a recurrent pregnancy loss panel and is checking for blood clots, chromosomal abnormalities, and vitamin D deficiency. He is also going to monitor me until my beta drops to 0 and perform a sonohysterogram on Monday, November 17th. If he finds anything he will do a D&C. If I'm all clear (fingers crossed) then I will start injectables on December 3rd.

This time around he is going to switch my medication from Gonal-F to Menopur. I have to admit, when he said Menopur I started crying. I know enough about other people's journeys to know that medication sucks! Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Today I woke up with a game plan and I'm hopeful for the future. I feel myself slowly moving forward and healing. What I find most comforting is hearing other people's success stories. I admire other women who are able to pick themselves back up after multiple miscarriages or after years of battling infertility. I don't know when I'll hit my breaking point. All I know is that it's not today.