Weekend Update

This weekend I finally felt like myself again...well my infertility self. We decided to have our family over Saturday night since we finally got chairs for the dining room table. Our home is slowly coming together. It's been four months and the downstairs is about 85% done. The upstairs is a totally different story, but really, who goes upstairs besides us!

For our dinner party I printed out menus. I took a picture of the place setting however forgot/didn't have time to take pictures of any of the food. I'm so upset, however I think the night was a huge success! Most of the recipes can be found on my Pinterest page.

I went this morning for more bloodwork but never got a call back. Hopefully my levels are still dropping or 0 by now. TMI - I'm still spotting. Mentally I'm ready to officially move on to the next cycle so hopefully my body gets with the program. Guess I'll find out my beta tomorrow...

Thursday 10/30 - 413
Friday 10/31 - 261
Monday 11/3 - 53
Friday 11/7 - 13.2
Monday 11/10 - ???