Trigger Night

Overall Gonal-F has been good to me. Compared to clomid these injectables have been a cakewalk.

Gonal-F Day:
  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Slight Bloating
  4. Bloating, Insomnia 
  5. Bloating, Headache, Mild Nausea 
  6. Bloating, Headache
  7. Bloating, Mild Nausea 
  8. Major Bloating, Headache, Breast Tenderness, Increased CM
  9. Major Bloating, Breast Tenderness, Increased CM
Ultrasound went great this morning. My one little follie finally reached 20 yay! I was upset at first that I only had one follie, however my Dr. said I only need one so there's a lot riding on this little guy.

Trigger shot (Ovidrel) was @7:30pm. We got back Friday morning for our first and hopefully last IUI!