Last Night Of Gonal-F

This morning's appointment was frustrating. I usually see my Dr for ultrasounds, however he was in surgery today so I had to see his assistant. Now I have nothing against assistants, however this lovely young girl was four months out of medical school and had no confidence in her work. She was very pleasant and kept apologizing for her lack of knowledge, however that wasn't what I wanted to hear. It took her FOREVER to even find my one follie then the measured it three more times. The number she came up with was 17.5.

Now, my Dr won't do the trigger unless my follie reaches 18. So since the assistant wasn't sure of herself, she told me she wanted to call the Dr first and have him confirm. I just wish the Dr was there in person and could give me a definite answer. The worst is leaving an appointment more confused than when you walked in. Plus I sit at work all day waiting for a phone call feeling anxious and googling everything and anything I can find.

By 1pm I decided to stop waiting and call...

No trigger shot tonight. We do one last shot of gonal-f tonight and go back once again to the office tomorrow for bloodwork and an ultrasound. Hopefully trigger tomorrow night with our IUI Friday. I felt upset and let down this morning, but now I'm feeling hopeful.

Maybe waiting until my one follie grows a little bigger is a good thing. Only time will tell!