The TWW Starts Today

Today was the big day, our first IUI with injectables.

I barely slept all night I was so anxious and excited. Tony was up first. While he was in the back giving his sample I was in the waiting room preparing for the worst. Tony never had a SA done so we had no idea what his numbers were going to look like. Thankfully his count was 47 million and 48% mobility.

Then it was my turn. I laid down and prepared for the worst. If my two failed attempts at a HSG test were any indication, this IUI was going to hurt like hell.


The IUI was a breeze and besides the uncomfortable medal clamp, it really didn't hurt much. Afterwards I stayed on my back for 15 minutes, then we were allowed to leave and told to have sex tonight. I don't know about you, but being told when, where, and how just takes all the fun out of it. These are the times I'm lucky I don't have to perform.

We were home by 8:30am and I decided to lay down and catch up on my TV shows. Within the next hour I started to feel cramping. Right now I still have a lot of cramping and bloating going on down there. I've heard this is all completely normal so I'm trying to remain calm. Gee I can't wait to have sex tonight...NOT!

Our TWW has officially started. As much as I want this to work, I'm prepared to try again. I understand this process takes time and I need to remain positive. I made sure Tony gave the guys a little pep talk this morning to remind them to swim towards the egg and to not get distracted. I go back next week for bloodwork to see if I need to take progesterone supplements.