Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. It's actually a day I never knew about until this past January when we lost our little angel baby. At the time I didn't think I would recover. Next to my bed I framed our blessing and the words below. Over time things got easier and the rocks no longer felt as heavy.

Grief is the feeling of carrying around heavy rocks. They weigh you down, they are cumbersome and difficult to carry. You will carry them around for the rest of your life and some days it will feel like you can't bear to carry it one more minute, but you will. Then one day, when you are not looking, the rocks will settle in your pocket and you may forget they are there. You can reach in and feel them. They will always be a part of you. But you will no longer feel the tremendous weight that you feel today. You will no longer have to carry them, your pocket will find a place for them.

Today I remember my sweet angle baby along with all the other angel babies and infants taken from their parents. It takes a strong woman to be a mother to a child she can not hold in her arms. Grieving the loss of a child never goes away.