7DPIUI Booster Shot

Today's appointment started out a little rocky. I went in for my 7DPIUI progesterone check and didn't realize I was also doing an ultrasound. Unfortunately my Dr wasn't in so the assistant did my ultrasound. She was down there for a awhile calling out numbers like 27x17 and 30. Not 100% what those numbers mean and I didn't have the chance to even ask since I was thrown completely off guard. She asked me where my second shot of Ovidrel was and I stared back at her blankly. No one had ever told me to bring the second dose, I though I was done with needles. After talking me off a ledge, she told me to go home, dispose of 2/3 of the Ovidrel and give myself whatever was left.

I walked out of the office confused and nervous. How would I know how much 2/3 was, I needed an exact number. WTF I thought I was done with injections. I drove all the way back home to get my meds and then off to work I went. Have I mentioned I have the best friends in the world. It's not everyday you find a fellow coworker who's a pro at injecting needles and has gone through 3 rounds of IUI with injectables herself. Thank you Courtney!!!

With my shot done, now I wait...well really just continue waiting until the 14th.

Symptoms today (when I'm not making them up in my head) nothing major, still experiencing slight bloating. TMI warning - yesterday I had a lot of creamy, white cm...what's that mean?

So now I'm not sure when I want to start testing. I keep telling myself to hold off until Friday when I go for my beta, but I also want to test on Wednesday, 12DPIUI. However now with the second trigger/booster shot I want to make sure it's out of my system. Basically for the next week I'll be a walking, crazy mess of a person. Be glad you're not my poor husband, sorry babe!