Party On The Left

This morning I had my Gonal-F Day 5 bloodwork and ultrasound. The nurse had a hard time getting blood this morning. She recommended drinking more water and keeping my body temperature high, easier said than done when the waiting room is an ice box.

There's nothing like starting your weekend out with an ultrasound, especially with this guy. Will this ever feel normal? Do I ever want this to feel normal?!

Before the Dr. started the ultrasound he told me my FSH levels were high. I have never heard him say that before so I was a little confused. He said not to worry just yet and maybe they're high because of my PCOS. I was so flustered I didn't ask any questions. Now that I'm at a computer I looked it up...

High FSH levels indicates low ovarian reserve and significantly lower pregnancy chances. 

Aside from that small road bump, the ultrasound looked great. He started with my right ovary where my follies were only at 4, 6, & 8. However when he switched to my left there was a party going on at 8,8,10, & 11. Looks like my left ovary is my lucky one. 

I go back Monday morning for another ultrasound, trigger shot Tuesday or Wednesday, then our first IUI. I think Tony is more nervous to give a sample than I am about the trigger shot!