We Have A Plan

During my follow up appointment today my Doctor showed me pictures of my uterus from the surgery. He pointed out where the ghost villi was and where the scar tissue was growing around it. He also pointed out my beautiful bright white ovaries, a clear sign and symptom of PCOS. He said my incisions looked great and to expect a full recovery within the month. 

The most exciting part of the appointment was learning about our next steps. 

Our Game Plan:
  • Period or not, I go back for an ultrasound and blood work on September 29th
  • At that time I'll start injections of Gonal-F
  • HCG trigger shot 
  • IUI 
  • Preggers (fingers crossed)
I really struggled with making the decision to wait until the end of September, however I think my body still needs time to heal from the surgery and I would like to see if I can get another period on my own. Plus Tony will be away most of the month and I kinda sorta need him to do the deed in a plastic cup!

I don't want to wish one of my favorite months away, but please hurry October.