Starting Injectables Tonight

Happy Monday Morning!

Our appointment was bright and early this morning at 6am. I had my usual blood work and ultrasound. Since AF never showed (and may never show with PCOS) we're calling today CD3. I've asked about taking Provera to induce a period, however my Dr doesn't like to prescribe it. He said with PCOS I really don't need a period to start medications or get pregnant. I trust him, so for now I'm sticking with his protocol.

After the ultrasound we walked down the hall for injectable training at 7am. I'll give Tony a break since it was early and a Monday, but man he had a rough time with the training. We used the demonstrator pen for Gonal-F filled with water. The Dr walked through how to prime the needle, set the dose, and inject. Then it was Tony's turn.

Tony went to prime the pen and water started leaking out. Of course he had clicked the pen too hard and pushed in at the same. Thank goodness this was just a trial and he wasn't wasting the real stuff! The Dr then had me hold a trial cushion on my stomach for Tony to practice. Immediately the Dr said wait, wrong angle. I started nervous laughing and that only made Tony more anxious. He SLOWLY put the needle in and then waited for what felt like an hour. The Dr once again chimed in and said, um anytime your ready just push the pen in to release the medicine, don't make your wife suffer more than she has to. Have I mentioned I absolutely love our Dr.

After two more attempts, Tony started to feel more confident. Even though his hands were shaking like crazy as we walked to the parking lot, I think he has this under control. Now I'm another story. I need to step up my mental game and just get this over with. I felt myself getting light headed as he practiced on the cushion. Come on Jen, seriously, you can do this! My game plan, at least for the first shot, is to NOT look at the needle and reward myself with chocolate or a manicure...or both!


  • Starting Tonight - Gonal-F 75 IU
  • Friday Oct 3rd - U/S to see if I need to increase dosage 
  • Monday Oct 6th - U/S to check growth 
  • Oct 8-10th - Possible IUI window

  • Overall I'm super excited to be shot up with medicine. Sounds weird right? It's not so much the needle part, but the fact that we're on the right path to becoming parents. Fingers crossed this brings us a July miracle.