Another Birthday Without You

Tomorrow will be one week since my laparoscopy/hysteroscopy surgery and I finally feel like myself again.

This past week has been CRAZY!!!

Tuesday - Surgery
Friday - My Birthday, New Home, & Launch of TTCSisters
Saturday - Official Move in Day
Sunday - Attempt Unpacking (watched everyone else unpack for me, thanks family) 
Monday - PODS Unit Picked UP  (I would highly recommend using PODS if you're moving)

Tomorrow the painters come and more furniture gets delivered. We've already made about 100 trips to Lowes and Target. Funniest trip has to be to the pool store. We seriously have no clue what's going on. Tony threw some tablets into the pool while I attempted to read the pool test readout. Hopefully we figure it out before we have friends and family over for a swim.

Surgery Update - The air/gas bubbles have finally left my system YAY! Now the only thing left to heal are my incisions. The one in my belly button is not looking too hot. I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like, but mine is all purple and hurts if I touch it. Before we moved I had light to medium spotting, however during the move I started to bleed a lot. Guess when the Doctor said to rest he meant it. Thankfully today I'm back to light spotting. Not sure when that's supposed to go away either, anyone know?

So I love my birthday, well used to before TTC. I was the girl who celebrated my birthday the entire month of August. Now it's just another reminder of what I don't have. I'm actually glad my birthday was so hectic. I wasn't able to be upset that yet again, another birthday came and went and still no little miracle. My wish was the same as last year. Here's to hoping this year will be my year.

TTC Sisters

Finally, I'm so glad you ladies love our new website, TTC Sisters. It was developed for women struggling to conceive or battling infertility, to connect with others who understand in a safe place filled with support, encouragement and some really amazing people. If you haven't already checked it out, please do so. Right now we have a fabulous giveaway, but the contest ends this Friday August 22nd so hurry!