D&C Dangers

I wanted to write this post with the intension of sharing my story, not to scare anyone. 

It's two days after my surgery and I'm feeling much better. The air is still trapped inside my body, but the more I walk, the better it feels. I'm hoping it will all be gone by this weekend. The incisions are uncomfortable and sometimes sting, but nothing I can't handle. 

Here comes the disturbing part of this story. 

I knew the surgery went well and my scar tissue was removed. What I didn't know were the results. My Doctor called this afternoon and was surprised to find a ghost villi. What's a ghost villi you may ask? I had absolutely no clue either, so I did just that. My Doctor explained that I still had cell tissue left over from our angel baby. He said my last Doctor didn't correctly clear out my uterus from my D&C and that's why I've been having such a hard time since January. 

So basically for the last seven months, I've been carrying around a small piece of our angel baby. I hung up the phone sick to my stomach. 

I knew the risks involved with a D&C, however at the time I trusted my OBGYN. I even went for a follow-up appointment and he said everything looked great...guess he was WRONG! 

A major warning sign that something isn't right is persistent bleeding. Another is not getting your period back after surgery. Since I have PCOS and wasn't getting a period to begin with, my Doctor didn't see it as a sign. The only reason he thought something was wrong was because of my two failed HSG tests. 

TTC Sisters - If you think something is wrong or your Doctor is brushing you off, please seek another opinion!

In the end, I'm lucky to have such an amazing RE Doctor. Now I need to find a new OBGYN for when I become pregnant!