Hot Flashes And A HSG Test

I took my very last pill of clomid 150mg last night. The nausea and dizziness has gotten much better, however the hot flashes are out of control. They also seem to be worse at night. Yesterday, during the day, I felt a few, but nothing as bad as last night. I literally thought I was going to burn to death because my skin was on fire. I tore off all my clothes, turned on the fan, and put my head over the air conditioning vent. The second the hot flash would pass, I was left laying there dripping in sweat and cold from the fan. The third time this happened I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept thinking about my HSG test the next morning and all the horror stories I had read online or from fellow TTC Sisters.

So, where do I begin? 

I knew I wasn't "normal" but I thought at least this procedure would go smoothly. It didn't. Why was I even surprised? Rachael and I joke all the time about how we're the 1% and 2% of the population. You know, if you look up a medication and its says 99% effective, or a procedure that has a 2% chance of going wrong, we like to think we're that small percentage of people. Read about her horrific HSG test here. At least she warned me about NOT going alone and taking LOTS of pain meds.

Back to the test...I got undressed, laid down on the medal bed and assumed the position. (Side note, I don't know at what point I became comfortable with spreading my legs, but I'm definitely there.) My Dr attempted to performed the HSG test. He tried about four different sizes and none would go through my cervix. Then he tried a different angle and another instrument. I was crying because I was scared, but mostly crying because it hurt SOOOOOOOOO bad. I can't even explain the pain. He decided to stop once I screamed out in the pain. I know I was there for 17 minutes because through my tears I was watching the clock. I was told this would be a quick in and out, 5 minutes tops.

What do I have: Cervical Stenosis

My Dr thinks my blockage may be due to my D&C surgery back in January. He wants me to come back at the end of the week so he can try to dilate me and we can go from there.

It's now two hours after my failed HSG test and I've ended my pity party. I was really upset and angry at my body, but now I'm looking forward to my next appointment and getting more answers. Hopefully it's just a simple surgery to unblock my lazy, damaged cervix!

Choosing Hope