Glimmer Of Hope OR Huge Let Down?

This week has been very challenging. After my failed, horrific HSG test on Tuesday I was a wreck. On Wednesday I was feeling better both physically and mentally. I had come to grips with the fact that I would need surgery to unblock my cervical stenosis and I was ok with that. Yesterday was a different story...
Last night CloMood started kicking in and my hormones were going crazy. I went from screaming, to crying, then back to screaming. I'm still having hot flashes, but thankfully they're only at night! I started thinking about this "wasted" cycle of clomid and it was making me really angry. I wish I would have scheduled the HSG test BEFORE taking clomid. Now if/when I ovulate, the hubby and I can BD every day and it wouldn't matter, there's no way for his swimmers to barrel their way through my blocked cervix. 

Here comes the glimmer of hope OR potential huge let down.

My Doctor called this morning, he wants me to come in tomorrow. He wants to try the smallest catheter size possible on my cervix and see if just maybe, he can get it through. This way I wouldn't need the surgery and he could do an IUI. I should be happy, what's wrong with me? I should have hope, but I know if this doesn't work out I'll be even more discouraged. At least the appointment is at 7am and I don't have to wait until Monday for answers.