Clomid Round Three - 150mg?

Decisions, decisions...

We had a follow up appointment today with our RE. I asked a ton of questions because I was still really confused why this last cycle didn't work and I didn't have a TWW. I wanted answers, but unfortunately there are none. Apparently I was "attacking" our Dr, at least that's what my husband tells me. I'm sure he's used to confused and upset women sitting across from him so I don't feel too bad. 

The last round of clomid 100mg did work and I did ovulate, however either my eggs or follicles were poor quality and my body didn't produce enough progesterone. I asked about taking progesterone pills the next cycle but he said your body gears up before you even ovulate and he doesn't like prescribing the pills since I would have to continue taking them until I was 12 weeks pregnant. I guess looking back I was getting a little annoyed at his answers and kept asking more and more questions. 

I'm so tired of waiting, I wanted to skip this final round of clomid. I asked about going right to injectables. He explained the risk of multiples and the entire process starting from the very beginning. I would need to start the injections on CD2 and go through training on how to administer the shots. 

Now, I had slight red spotting on Monday and brown spotting on Tuesday. He's considering Monday CD1 so I'm already out this cycle if I wanted to start the injectables. He called in a prescription for Gonal-F to be filled in August. In the meantime, he talked me into trying a third and final round of clomid at 150mg. 

This time around he wants to do an HSG test while I'm taking clomid. I don't know why I torture myself, but I turned to Dr. Google and found horror stories on taking clomid while having the HSG test. To those of you who responded to my last IG post I thank you! I don't know what I would do without your support. 

What's left? To make the final decision...

I get my blood work results back tomorrow and I can either start clomid like he advised OR wait until my next cycle to start Gonal-F in August. Tony is going to call the insurance company tomorrow to see how much this is all going to cost. Is it worth trying another round of clomid or just save our money and go straight to injectables? We have until tomorrow to decide. Looks like I won't be sleeping tonight.