20 Facts About Me

  1. I married my college sweetheart. This year we've been together ten years.
  2. September is my favorite month. It's our dating, engagement, and wedding anniversary. 
  3. My furbaby Bella is my world. Her endless kisses always manage to cheer me up!
  4. I have two younger brothers. 
  5. I'm obsessed with anchors and nail polish.  
  6. I love to craft. Making cards or cute little surprises for other people make me happy. 
  7. I've been to every state in the U.S.
  8. I love getting dressed up, but hate shaving my legs. 
  9. I have an infatuation with anything Michael Kors. 
  10. Back in high school I played field hockey and was on the swim team. Now my sport of choice is streaming Netflix.
  11. My favorite colors are teal and salmon. 
  12. I listen to books on tape during my commute to work. 
  13. I hate suspense. I've been known to Google the ending of numerous books and movies to find out the ending. 
  14. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. We had them everywhere at our wedding.
  15. I didn't start eating sushi until three years ago and now I could eat it for dinner every night.
  16. I'm scared of snakes and spiders. 
  17. My husband is an extreme couponer. We rarely go anywhere without a coupon. He says I'll thank him one day :)  
  18. I believe happiness is a choice.
  19. Experiencing a miscarriage, being diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, and battling infertility are my realities, however they DO NOT define me as a woman. 
  20. I'm so grateful to my family, friends, and IG /blogger community for giving me the strength and encouragement I need to get through each and every day. Love you all ♥