Breakfast Bullets

I still use my NutriBullet every morning, but always end up forgetting to take pictures.

Since I found out I have PCOS, the ingredients have changed a little. I no longer use yogurt in my smoothies, which has been quite an adjustment. To get the same mouth feel I either add mango, banana, or avocado. I also add cinnamon into EVERY smoothie to help with the Metformin.

spinach / carrot / banana / strawberry / flax seed / 
cinnamon / almond milk

banana / apple / cocoa powder / flax seed / cinnamon /
almonds / almond milk / almond butter 

spinach / apple / almonds / raspberry / cinnamon / almond milk

strawberry / raspberry / banana / spinach / 
flax seeds / cinnamon / almond milk

I always try to give all my smoothies a little extra boost. This way I stay fuller longer.

Can't live without my Bullet!