Difficult Days

Since my miscarriage back in January I've had some bad days, but mostly good. I'm hopeful for the future and feel that I'm in good hands with my RE.

I'm nervous because we're coming up on one of my first difficult days. One of the days it hurts the most for any woman going through infertility. Mother's Day. This past week all I can think about is my angel baby and it hurts. I think about how many weeks I would have been and it kills me inside. I know May 11th is just the first of many difficult dates. The date I fear the most is September 1st, our original due date.

This Mother's Day Tony and I are going to celebrate our angel baby in the morning by ourselves. Afterwards I will pick myself up and celebrate this special holiday with my own mom and grandma. These are two very strong women in my life who have battled their own infertility issues, and won! I take comfort in knowing that one day, I too, will be celebrated.

Love of a Mother-"Because the love of a mother starts before birth, her love will endure long after death."- by Franchesca Cox

hope is my anchor