The Other Woman

Spring is here and that means I lose my husband on the weekends. Yes, like many other women out there, I am a golf widow. Don't be upset, while your husband smacks around a tiny white ball you're not alone!

The top reasons to NOT be upset you're a golf widow:

5. A lifetime of simple gift ideas. There is a plethora of golf crap, I mean novelties out there from books, shirts, bags, and boxes upon boxes of golf balls. 

4. Binge watching. You have about 4+ hours to catch up on all the shows your husband hates, like reality TV. 

3. Girl's Day. Shopping. Do I have to say more? 

2. Exercise. Have you ever walked 18 holes? Plus the majority of golf courses are actually really beautiful. 

1. It could be worse...the "other woman" could be real!

We got married at a golf course and played golf on our honeymoon in Aruba. 
Here I am attempting to hit balls two days after our wedding...and failing!