The Other Man

If Tony's other woman is golf...then my other man is the NutriBullet.

Let me introduce you to my newest boyfriend Bullet. He's always there for me every morning and helps me start my day off right. The best part about Bullet is that I can throw in any ingredient, turn the cup over, blend, throw on a to-go lid and walk out the door. There's no transferring liquid into another cup or having it spill. Once I'm done my smoothie or juice, I only have to wash the one cup.

I've been attempting to taking pictures of my creations every morning:

spinach / yogurt / apple / pineapple / raspberry

pineapple / raspberry / cherry / strawberry / yogurt 

carrot / celery / yogurt / pineapple / raspberry / flax seeds

yogurt / pineapple / celery / banana / spinach / flax seeds / chia seeds / almond milk

raspberry / carrot / celery / banana / yogurt / almonds / chia seeds / almond milk

spinach / yogurt / strawberry / banana / flax seed / almond milk 

It's safe to say I'm in LOVE ♥