The Right Decision For Me

If you're still following my story I want to thank you! You may be thinking, why is this girl writing down every little detail of her personal struggle? The answer is, to hopefully help someone else. I spent hours/days/weeks/months on Google searching for answers. Searching for someone that had gone through the exact same thing. If something I write down helps just ONE person understand what they're going through, then I accomplished my goal.

Ok back to my when we found out I suffered a missed miscarriage we had three choices to make. We could wait for a natural miscarriage, take misoprostol (a pill that forces a miscarriage), or schedule D&C surgery. 

I initially wanted to give my body time to naturally miscarry, but two days after finding out I was starting to lose myself. I couldn't stop crying and wasn't strong enough to just wait. With a heavy heart I made the decision to take misoprostol. Looking back, I wish I would have asked for the pill prescription THAT day. Having to call the Doctor's office and ask for the pill was both devastating and embarrassing. 

I went home that weekend thinking my troubles would be over soon. How wrong I was!
My Experience With Misoprostol:

5pm - Took 4 pills orally
7pm - Started feeling cramps and suddenly became very bloated with severe diarrhea
9pm - Started to worry because "most" people start bleeding after 2 hours
11pm - Nothing

7am - Nothing
10am - Decide to call the Doctor and leave a message
1pm - Nothing, feeling depressed and angry
5pm - Anger has now taken over my body. WHY doesn't anything work for me? This pill was supposed to have a 98% chance of working. That means I'm part of the 2%. 

8am - I've given up hope. In my mind I just want to schedule a D&C and be done with this whole experience. I feel broken.
5pm - Officially pissed off and reading everything I can find online about this pill and any stories I can find on it working after 3 days. Results...NOTHING.

Monday morning I called the Doctor's office hysterically crying and they scheduled me for D&C surgery the following day, 1.28.14.