Kissing Ovaries

I'm extremely uncomfortable, sore, and bloated however it all makes sense since my estrogen came back at over 3400!

Slight change of plans...

After 12 days of stims I can finally say goodbye to menopur, follistim and ganirelix. Hopefully I'll never have to take these meds again. My poor stomach looks like a pin cushion and is covered in bruises. I basically feel like a swollen tick...yep, downright sexy.

We trigger tonight at midnight and go in for egg retrieval on Sunday morning. So since my ovaries are practically touching each other and my estrogen is through the roof, my Doctor wants to freeze whatever embryos we retrieve and do a frozen transfer once my body has calmed down. Of course I was upset with the change of plans, but I understand OHSS is not a fun situation to be in and I think I've been through enough already.

Plus with a frozen embryo transfer (FET) my body will just be focused on growing my lining and not have to worry about growing any follicles. Some good news from lining reached a 9. It's never been that thick before. I know it won't matter for this cycle, but I was extremely proud of my body and how it responded to this round of meds.