IVF Got This: Because Giving Up Is Not An Option

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Iv'e got this has definitely been my motto recently. I'm over the shock of IVF and truly looking forward to giving this 110%. I took my last birth control pill on Tuesday night. My nurse said I should be expecting a bleed soon, however nothing yet. I have been feeling a few cramps but nothing to write home about. I can't remember the first time I started birth control back in high school, however this time around it hit me hard. The first week I was dizzy and nauseous, then I started breaking out (even more than my usual PCOS self) and gained 6 lbs. I'm SO glad the last month flew by and I'm finally off birth control.

The only thing I'm dreading right now are the hormones and bloating that come along with these lovely infertility medicines. Like there should be a way to NOT turn into a crazy, emotional bitch #sorrynotsorry

Back on Sunday morning for blood work and ultrasound to kick off IVF cycle #1 Sunday night!!!