Hello TTC, I'm Back!

After our last failed IUI in December I needed a little break. I was tired of the weekly ultrasounds and blood work at 6am, but mostly I was just sad. 2014 started with our first miscarriage in January followed by a year of Doctor visits, medications, surgeries, three failed rounds of clomid, two rounds of IUI with injectables and our second miscarriage. I tried to stay positive the whole time, however I'm only human and my emotions were all over the place.

Tony and I travel for work but we hadn't been on a vacation in two years. Between tracking cycles and saving money for medications, there was always an excuse as to why we shouldn't go away. We finally decided to put TTC on hold for two months and book a vacation to California. Our trip was exactly what I needed. If you follow my Instagram account then you've already seen all my sightseeing pics and mouthwatering meals!

Santa Monica Pier 

Tomorrow we go back to the RE to discuss starting our third round of IUI with injectables. This time around I feel relaxed, excited, and ready for our rainbow baby. Bring on the needles and mood swings because I got this!