All You Need Is Love...And Money!

We got the call I've been dreading since we started this infertility journey. The call from the insurance company to tell us we had reached our lifetime max. I'm not complaining, I know we're lucky to have insurance and to even have a lifetime max, but it just sucks. Moving forward everything will be out of pocket. For those of you on this journey too, you know, you basically live at the RE's office and every visit, blood work, ultrasound, etc starts to really add up.

Last week was hard on our relationship. We fought a lot about money. We definitely were not on the same page, or even the same book. If it were up to me, I would mortgage our house and spend every last penny on trying to have a child. Tony is in finance and plays everything safe. We have an eight month emergency fund, our savings accounts are maxed out and he tracks our spending on an excel sheet. Side note, my $100 target visits really throw off his financial planning :) Anyways, spending thousands on IUIs with injectables was not part of his plan, or mine! But who plans on infertility?

After many discussions, we're going ahead with another round of IUI with menopur and ovidrel. If that doesn't work, we're going to take a little break (we're not giving up) and save up more money before we try again. I think in the end I'll hit my emotional breaking point before we hit our financial breaking point.

Whoever said "love is all you need" obviously didn't suffer from infertility.