Polish Picks For Summer

Essie: Serial Shopper / Romper Room / Sittin' Pretty / Strut Your Stuff / Turquoise & Caicos 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Mint Sorbet / Peach Beach / Sun Kissed  

My tried and true nail polish brands are Essie or OPI, but sometimes I like to experiment. I stumbled upon Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear while shopping at Target last summer. At $2.49 how could I not give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the polish held up, much better than some other cheap polishes I've tried in the past. 
I would definitely recommend trying a color...or ten!

Essie - Turquoise & Caicos / Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet 

Essie - Strut Your Stuff 

Next goal: mastering nail art. I really want to learn how to draw an anchor. 
Don't you think this pretty summer blue is missing a white anchor...I do!