Grow Little Follie Grow

Last week I had cramps on and off, so I called my RE to make an appointment. Friday night the pain started to get stronger. Saturday I started to worry because the pain was getting stronger and it was hard to stand up straight. On Sunday I was a mess. I Googled everything I could and decided it was one of two things: Exploding cysts OR my insides were filling with blood and I was dying. Last night I slept a total of two hours. When I wasn't sleeping I was crying because the pain hurt so bad. I wanted to go to the hospital around 3 am but Tony reminded me that my RE appointment was at 6 am and by the time I filled out paperwork at the hospital it wouldn't be worth it. 

So I waited and went to the RE at 6 am this morning for blood work and an ultrasound. Originally I was going to see if I could start my next round of clomid tonight. The moment my Doctor started the ultrasound I started crying because the pain was so bad. He started measuring and moving around down there and asked me a few questions. At first he thought I had Endometritis, which is not ruled out yet, however once the transducer passed by my bladder I screamed. He told me to sit up and said I have good and bad news. 

The bad news, you have a bladder infection. Wait.........this was good news, what is he talking about. I started smiling and said, "so that's it, nothing is bursting or exploding in my uterus?" He looked at me and said yes, this is painful but easily cured. Cue to the music! To me, this was good news. I'm on meds that turn my pee orange and make me nauseous but who cares, it's only a bladder infection. The pain still hurts like hell, however I see an end in sight. 

The good news, drum roll please, my right ovary is popping out cysts however my left ovary showed one small follicle measuring 5 mm. My body is actually trying to ovulate on it's own!!! My Doctor wants me to come back Thursday morning to monitor the little follie. Fingers crossed it matures and doesn't turn into a cyst.

Obviously I can't start my next round of clomid tonight, I have to just wait and see what my body does next. The first step is getting rid of this bladder infection. Can you get pregnant on one mature follie? I can't help but to cheer her on. Since there's only one in there I feel like I need to name her. Yes I want to name my follicle, so I understand if you no longer want to be my friend, I'm just so excited :) 

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