Estrogen Is A B-I-T-C-H

I'm on my third day of Estradiol, a form of estrogen, to increase my lining and it's kicking my ass. This little blue pill is causing massive waves of nausea, blotting, an upset stomach, and breast tenderness I've never felt before. Is this what other women feel during their periods? I'm used to producing high levels of testosterone, so introducing estrogen into my system has been quite the shock. Hopefully it's doing it's job and my lining is increasing.

Over in OPK lines keep getting darker! I'm hoping to get a positive in the next few days. I find that I get the best results in the morning. I try to hold my bladder for the afternoon and evening tests, however I've been drinking so much water it's been hard to do.

Here's what my BBT chart looks like:

     M=Metformin 1500mg
     C=Clomid 100mg