Today marks my last day of #100HappyDays and also the first day of my TWW (two week wait).

I'm going to miss this daily challenge. It forced me to stop and appreciate my life and to find that one thing a day that made me really happy. Some days it was a quote, a picture with friends, and many times a delicious meal or treat. Either way, this challenge reminded me that being happy is a choice.

Toady is 1dpo (day past ovulation) yay!!! This also means the dreaded TWW that many of my fellow TTC sisters understand all too well. I'm trying to keep myself very busy.

I go back to the Doctor on Monday to check my progesterone levels. I know it'll be way too soon to see anything, but hopefully everything looks ok and he doesn't see hundreds of cysts everywhere. I have my cheap Wondfo pregnancy tests ready. 50 count to be exact! Not sure when my crazy POAS self will kick in and want to start testing. I'm thinking maybe 9-10dpo.

When did you all start testing?