Awkward Encounters

Late last night as I waited for my prescription of Clomid to be filled, I decided to waste time walking up and down each aisle of the pharmacy. I started at the front and checked out the latest and greatest lipstick colors, noticed that the Herbal Essences shampoo I used back in high school was on sale and picked up a bottle, and finally I picked up Essie's new color sittin' pretty, part of their 2014 neon collection. Have I mentioned I have a weakness for nail polish?! As I made my way to the back of the store I noticed a young girl looking around nervously. I rounded the corner into the feminine care aisle, the aisle the stores like to "hide" in the back. The girl was holding two different pregnancy tests. She couldn't have been older then 17. She quickly choose one, threw the other box on the shelf, and basically ran to the checkout.

In that moment I realized just how much my life had changed over the past year. I was that young girl back in the day hoping, praying, and offering up anything I could think of to NOT be pregnant. I can't stop thinking about that girl and wondering if she's pregnant or not. If she's not, will she too experience infertility? I hope not, but I guess I'll never know. 

I checked to see if any pregnancy tests were on sale or had any good coupons on the boxes. Before leaving the aisle I waved hello to my old friends Tampax, oh how I miss these ladies. My Doctor has assured me multiple times that I don't actually need a period to take Clomid or get pregnant. However there's something about getting a period that makes you feel like a woman, it's hard to explain, but I miss that feeling. I exited the aisle, too busy looking at the tampons, I almost ran into a man. I walked a few steps and looked back, he had already grabbed a box of condoms and was running towards the checkout. I told myself that was the last time I come to the pharmacy at 10 pm...way too many awkward moments!

Fingers crossed I can start my second round of Clomid this week!