Tracking Your BBT

Since I'm playing the waiting game with my body, the only thing I can track is my BBT. For those lucky women out there who don't know what BBT stands for, it's basal body temperature. To increase your odds of getting pregnant, many people will tell you to track your BBT.

Steps to Track Your BBT:
  • Go buy a basal thermometer, I got mine for under $10 at Walmart
  • Start the day of your period, or in my case just pick any day
  • Take your temperature every morning at the same time BEFORE you get up and go to the bathroom
  • Use an app like Fertility Friend to track your temperatures 
  • If you have a "normal" cycle you'll start to see a pattern
  • If you see an increase in your temperature, over your cover-line, that means you ovulated
  • The more months you track your BBT, the more data you have on your body and then you can bring that information with you the next time you see your Doctor
The worst part about tracking your BBT is that you have to take it every single morning at the same time. This means if you wake up at 5:30 am Monday through Friday, you have to wake up at 5:30 am on Saturday and Sunday as well. I know there are sites that help you adjust your temperature if you wake up later, but the temps always seem to be a little off.

Happy Temping!

Oh and if you're confused looking at my chart, it's ok, so am I. As I mentioned above I just picked a random day to start tempting since I haven't had a period in months. My RE decided I should start taking Clomid Friday the 18th however as you can see from my temps, I didn't ovulate from the Clomid and also my ultrasound showed no follie growth. Currently I'm in pursuit of a period to start my second round of Clomid.