The Clomid Made Me Do It

First off I would like to apologize to my husband, I have not been myself the past few days. I would also like to apologize to a few other unsuspecting fellow citizens...
  1. To the men in the car dealership who I flipped a shit on. I'm sorry for screaming and cursing at you and calling for the general manager. All I wanted were my license plates. It shouldn't have taken 3 men and 25 minutes.  
  2. To the owner of the silver Mercedes who cut me off. I'm sorry for following you for 4 exits (about 10 mins) on 95 while holding down my horn, flashing my high beams, and screaming like a mad woman. Next time please don't cut me off. 
  3. To the woman in ShopRite. I'm sorry for slamming my cart into yours so hard it hit the shelf and knocked down a cereal box. If you're going to park your cart in the middle of the isle, make sure you stand clear. 
Funny Apology Ecard: Sorry for the crazy shit I did when I was on Clomid.

I knew Clomid could cause mood swings, but I didn't know just how bad. You know the feeling when someone makes you angry or you get upset and your chest starts to get tight, and your blood starts pumping, you start to sweat, and your face turns red...yeah, that's what I felt on Clomid!

The Clomid Diaries:

CD 4 - Started Clomid and Metformin 
CD 5 - Only symptom, increased CM - very watery and eggwhite
CD 6 - Watery CM
CD 7 - Nothing
CD 8 - Last day of Clomid - no symptoms, feeling sad it didn't work
CD 9 - Cramps, bloating, raging B-I-T-C-H...guess it takes a few days to work 
CD 10 - Slight cramping, major bloating, still a raging B-I-T-C-H 
CD 11 - Mood back to normal, however extremely bloated, feeling sharp pains  

I go back to the RE Monday morning for blood work and an ultrasound. Please let this be my first and last round of Clomid because my husband may want a divorce!

I'll be happy once you're off of Clomid. I don't know whether to kiss you, grab a tissue, or keep one eye open while sleeping.