Moving Day

Moving day was more like moving weekend, but it's finally over. Since we can't move into our new house until August, we're staying with my gracious parents. We decided to use PODS instead of renting a storage unit because it was cheaper and less work for us. We didn't feel like renting a moving truck to move into and out of the storage unit. Overall we had a really great experience with PODS. Fingers crossed nothing breaks between now and August!

Bella and Abby wondering what the heck was going on...

I didn't think all of our furniture was going to fit in the POD, but somehow it did!

Bella followed me up and down the stairs all weekend. Poor little girl was exhausted by the end of the weekend...

After SEVERAL trips back and forth to my parents house, all of our crap, I mean priceless items, were finally moved out. We were in our first home for just over four years and I only cried once during the move, I think that's pretty good. Thinking back, we have had some good memories in this house. We got engaged, married, experienced all our first holidays together, introduced Bella into our family, and got pregnant for the first time. However we also lost our little angel baby in this house and sometimes that memory overshadows all the rest.

I'm hopeful our next home will bring us the family we always dreamed about and I can't wait to make more memories with friends and family. Goodbye House ♥