Let's Start At The Very Beginning

I met my husband Tony ten years ago at college and we got married in September 2012. After graduating we talked about marriage and buying a house together and when the time came, the house won. We lived together in our first home for two years before getting married and I wouldn't do anything different. We planned on waiting a year, the magical newlywed year, before starting to have kids. Back in March 2013 I thought, why not go off birth control and save tons of money. April came and went and no period. I knew for a fact we were careful so I was a little confused. May came and went and I thought, this is strange. Next I did the one thing everyone does, I turned to Google! I read tons of information and blogs and found that it may take up to three months to get your period back. 

So I waited....and waited...June still no period but at least I had my yearly checkup at the end of the month. The Doctor says everything looks normal, don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your period the next month. August roles around and I finally set up an appointment for blood work. I found out my hormone levels were all where they're supposed to be. As I sat there with my notebook full of questions I asked, so what's that mean? My Doctor explained everything looked fine and that it would just take my body time to get back to normal. Instantly my head started filling with more questions. So if all my levels were normal then where the hell was my period?!?! I went through my list of questions and she explained possible medications. We settled on progesterone. 

Progesterone ug! I was supposed to start my first pill Oct 1st, giving my body one more month to kick start itself. I couldn't wait that long so I started my first pill Sep 25th. For the next 10 days I felt like a totally different person. I was angry, sad, and happy all within 10 minutes. I felt bloated some days and extremely hungry the next. Everything I read online said you would start a period anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks after your last pill. On day 3 I started getting excited and put some tampons in my purse. Remember I hadn't seen a tampon in months. 

Day 4 - nothing
Day 5 - nothing
Day 6 - nothing 

I was starting to get nervous and reading anything I could find on the internet. I found many women who said their period didn't come until the full 2 weeks after. 

Days 7-14 - nothing!

My 2 weeks were up and nothing. WTF why was this happening to me? 

Monday Oct 7th I called the Dr's office. No call back. I called again on wed and waited. Friday morning, Oct 11th I woke up to a dark brown spot when I whipped. Sorry TMI. I was beyond excited and called again that morning. The Doctor finally called me back and said that was good news. Sometimes women don't get a full period and I should consider that one dark spot as my period. That weekend, nothing else happened. Hmm more questions...was that one spot really it? Was I broken? Could I never get a period again? Monday morning I called the Dr's office again. Did I mention the nurses probably hate me.

My next steps, to WAIT!

Enough reading for today, to be continued...